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United24 pro Ukraine fundraising

United24, the official fundraising platform for Ukraine

The United24 project

United24 Zelensky
United24 is the fundraising platform created by President Zelensky

Since the beginning of Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine President Zelenksy wanted to create this platform to collect donations from all over the world for the most varied causes in favor of the Ukrainian emergency.
Su United24 it is possible to make a donation for different projects:
purchase of drones and equipment for the armed forces;
humanitarian donations;
donations for reconstruction;
donations to help displaced people return to their homes;
undermining of territories regained by the Ukrainian army;
purchase of ambulances and much more.

United24's projects and ambassadors

A peculiarity of United24 it is the participation of international level "ambassadors", each with their own cause, each with their own well-defined commitment. We are talking about important names of the caliber of the former Ballon d'Or footballer Andriy Shevchenko, of the tennis player Svitolina, of the actor Mark Hamill and many others.
Many international companies also actively participate in the implementation of various humanitarian projects. We are talking about companies of the caliber of Deloitte, Uber, Balenciaga.

You can find the entire list of ambassadors on the United24 website where you can make a donation for the project you consider most important.

United24 on social networks

You can also follow all of United24's activities on their social networks, to receive updates on their ongoing projects and see how the funds raised are being used.

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