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Come Back Alive, support program for the Ukrainian armed forces

Come Back Alive, foundation to help the Ukrainian armed forces

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Come Back Alive is a foundation established in 2014 to support Ukrainian servicemen serving in the armed forces. Its purpose is to raise money for the ukrainian army, to equip the military with technological and survival equipment. In fact, his fundraisers have made it possible to purchase drones, ammunition and armaments that are allowing the Ukrainian armed forces to resist.
Constantly supplying the brave Ukrainian defenders is a priority in order to win this war, where, we have all seen, cutting edge technology can make a real difference in the pursuit of superiority over the criminal invader. Every Euro donated to the foundation can represent a saved life of a Ukrainian soldier who, we will never tire of repeating it, is also fighting in defense of our values.

But not only, Come Back Alive also promotes the rehabilitation of injured veterans through sports. In fact, one of the fundraisers involved support for soldiers injured in the war, to introduce them into a sporting environment to defend the colors of the Ukrainian national team at the Invictus Games.

All purchases and deliveries of material to the front comply with transparency standards and are accounted for in the annual reports that you can find online.


Come Back Alive on social media

The best way to always be updated with fundraisers and all the activities of Come Back Alive is by following the foundation directly on their social networks.

How to donate to Come Back Alive

On the donation page di Come Back Alive you can find all the methods of donation: credit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, so it is also possible to do it from Italy.

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