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Support OIPA in its campaign for the animal emergency in Ukraine

OIPA, aid for animals in Ukraine

The war doesn't stop, and neither does theOIPA ( stops help animals in Ukraine.

For the war spared no one, the conditions for the animals are in many cases tragic. THE'OIPA (acronym for International Organization for the Protection of Animals) has since the first day of the unfortunate Russian invasion of Ukraine fielded a fundraiser to bring help and relief to our animal friends as well.

Thanks to the network of Ukrainian associations connected to OIPA, it has managed to get the aid collected in our territory to where it was most needed.

The emergency is still high, let's not let our guard down, we also help our animal friends!


How to help animals in Ukraine through OIPA

A this link on the OIPA Italia website ( you will find all the information to make donations by bank transfer, postal current account, credit cards and PayPal.


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