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Saint Javelin, buy Made in Ukraine to support Ukraine

Saint Javelin Ukrainian Shop
The online shop of Saint Javelin

Su Saint Javelin you can help the ukrainian cause in a different way, by purchasing Made in Ukraine design products. Proceeds will go to support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invader.
In fact, the site is an inexhaustible mine of products, one more beautiful than the other handmade in Ukraine and through their purchase you can thus supporting the business of people who work and resist despite often prohibitive conditions.

You can find everything, clothing, gadgets, Ukrainian flags and so on and so forth, most of them made with an eye also to the novelties that are learned on the war field. In fact, many articles reflect significant events that occurred during the conflict and represent an even ironic way to hold one's head up in front of the Russian criminal invader and make fun of him.

Supporting Ukrainian trade can also lend a hand not only directly with the donations that are made by Saint Javelin, but also indirectly to the thousands of workers who found themselves in a very delicate situation from one day to the next.

Saint Javelin on social media

The activity of Saint Javelin it is frenetic and full of surprises even on social media where memes are chasing each other about all the latest news of the war. Ukrainian humor is an additional weapon and a response to the international criminal and massacre putin which in recent months has tried to weaken civil resistance, obtaining the exact opposite in response.

How can I buy on Saint Javelin

Login to shop online di Saint Javelin Made in Ukraine, view all the available products and choose the one you like best. Deliveries are international, so with a little patience you can also receive the goods in Italy

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