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Foundation helping citizens in Ukraine

Dobri Vchynky Razom

Dobri Vchynky Razom is a foundation that has intensified its volunteer work and help of the Ukrainian population following the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022. On its website collects international donations for various projects to support those hit hard by the war.

Among the projects of Dobri Vchynky Razom stand out help for mothers who for various reasons have difficulty raising their children, providing them with childcare material and supporting them in this delicate and tragic moment.

Another commendable initiative by Dobri Vchynky Razom it's about animals who were left alone during the flight of people from Ukraine. We try to give them food, help and assistance.

How to donate to Dobri Vchynky razom

The donation page ( accepts international contributions thanks to the payment methods PayPal, credit card, cryptocurrency and bank transfer.

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