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Happy Paws for Ukraine

Happy Paw, animal foundation in Ukraine

Happy paw is a charitable foundation which operates in Ukraine for the protection and help of animals. Happy Paw is also a management network of several shelters, including that of Bakhmut, Lada, who they helped move after the devastation wrought by the Russians.
Today as never before, they badly need everyone's help to be able to carry out their activities.

Happy Paw Ukraine
Happy Paw website where you can donate to save animals in Ukraine

Through their website they collect donations to help animals in Ukraine who are desperately suffering in these months of war. Happy paw turn donations into concrete projects, like the one of provide food and sustenance to the animals left without a home and owner after the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022. On their site you can view the results obtained thanks to the help of all those who support this cause.

Happy Paw on social media

Happy Paw is present on all major social networks to share all the results obtained and all their activities in support of animals suffering in Ukraine.

How to help Happy Paw support our animal friends in Ukraine

Through the site of Happy paw and page dedicated to donations it is possible to help the foundation carry out its aid projects for homeless animals, which unfortunately are now numerous in Ukraine.

To make a donation to this link it is possible to use both PayPal and a classic bank transfer.

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