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Template Monster, to help Ukrainian digital workers

Template Monster it is one of the most important digital product marketplace (templates for websites and products for the major CMS in circulation to develop online business) in the world and from February 24, 2022, the day of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine took to the field to lend a hand to Ukrainian digital workers.
Su Template Monster you can find thousands of tools for the creation of your digital projects, for years it has been a top player in its sector globally.

In fact in this noteworthy initiative of Template Monster it is specified that a greater percentage of revenues from products sold will be reserved for authors who live and they work in Ukrainian cities under attack
The platform has also created a special section where i. are highlighted digital products by Ukrainian authors (reachable here).

Helping does not just mean donating money, but also undertaking operational initiatives like this, to truly make a contribution to the entire Ukrainian economic sector which cannot be based only on charity, but must also include practical and technical aid operations.

It is always important when leading companies in the sector do not pretend nothing is happening but are continuously committed. Many supported Ukraine for the first few months, Template Monster instead he continues his commitment to this day.

How to help Ukrainian digital workers with Template Monster

Accessing the marketplace Template Monster it is possible to purchase digital products, graphics, website templates, e-commerce tools created by Ukrainian authors. In this section you will find them all grouped together, in any case it is very simple, just choose the products marked with the Ukrainian flag.

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Ukrainian digital workers can be defined as among the best in the world, as an important turning point in the digitalisation of Ukraine has been underway for years.