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Hospitallers, paramedics in Ukraine

Hospitallers, paramedics on the frontline for Ukraine

Hospitallers is an organization of paramedics who operate directly on first line of the front to bring medical assistance to the defenders of Ukraine and citizens.
Their activity begins in 2014 and has intensified terribly since February 24, 2022. Their mission takes them to the bloodiest theaters of war in Ukraine and they help military personnel and civilians, also supporting the always difficult evacuations from areas where it is now impossible to live.
They collect donations online internationally to continue their battle within this terrible war, to take care of every life.

Their work is nothing short of titanic.

Hospitallers also for animals

The Hospitallers battalion also takes care of our four-legged friends by helping their evacuation from the hot areas of the front and bringing them food, water and basic medicines. No one is left behind. The animals are then relocated to shelters or families in less dangerous areas.

Hospitallers on social networks

You can also follow Hospitallers on their social networks to realize the immense work they are doing to save as many lives as possible. A huge sacrifice.

How to help Hospitallers

It is possible to donate to Hospitallers via their site. The donations are used for the purchase of medical equipment and transport to ensure the first necessary treatment for soldiers on the front lines. It is also possible to make a donation from Italy via PayPal and credit card.

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