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Getresponse for Ukraine

Getresponse supports Ukraine

Getresponse is one of the leading email marketing platforms based in Poland and has been supporting Ukraine since the illegal annexation of Crimea to Russia.
The company is based in Poland which as you know is helping our Ukrainian friends a lot, and Getresponse also wanted to do its part and is continuing to do so.

Getresponse provides professional email marketing services and is one of the top global leaders in this type of services.

On its website there is a very strong announcement condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine (you can read it here) and it explains what Getresponse is doing to support Ukraine in these difficult times.

What is getresponse doing to support Ukraine

First of all he did major donations for medical aid and support to women and children fleeing war and refugees in Poland. Secondly it has terminated its business in Russia and Belarus, no longer allowing new activations of the service.

Furthermore on the site there is a list of Ukrainian tech business. Using them means actively supporting business in Ukraine and giving hope to the thousands of workers present on Ukrainian territory.
Getresponse understands that there are not only competitors in the business, but also important partners. Furthermore, the Ukrainian digital panorama is in great expansion given the strong push towards digitization already underway before the start of the war. Supporting a Ukrainian company is not only a gesture of solidarity, but also of professionalism.

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