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Ukrainian Tuscany Association

Ukrainian Tuscany Association in support of the Ukrainian people

The association Ukraine Tuscany was born with the aim of uniting and finding convergences between Italy and Ukraine, whose community in our country is one of the most numerous and industrious.

Ukraine Tuscany (officially recognized by the Ukrainian embassy in Italy) concretely helps the Ukrainian people and in particular the Ukrainian refugees forced to leave their country since the beginning of the conflict wanted by Russia Putin.

There are many initiatives in support of Ukraine, we refer you to theirs website to be able to view it.

Ukraine Tuscany on social media

Don't miss all the updates on the association's activities by following them on their social networks.

How to help Ukraine Tuscany

On the association's website it is possible to have all the information for concretely help Ukraine Tuscany to carry out its humanitarian projects and provide support to Ukrainian refugees displaced in our country due to the war.

To best support the Ukrainian Tuscany association it is also possible to register and become a member to make a concrete contribution to their cause.

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