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Prytula charity foundation for Ukraine

Prytula Charity Foundation, one of the most important fundraisers for Ukraine

Serhiy Prytula he is a public face of the Ukrainian media, an actor and TV presenter who is also involved in politics.

Since February 24, 2022, the day of the unfortunate Russian invasion of Ukraine, he has engaged in major fundraisers for every sector of Ukrainian defense, both to support the army and to help civilians.

Prytula Charity Foundation Website
The website of the Prytula foundation for Ukraine

On the website of Prytula Charity Foundation you will be able to find any kind of cause to which you can donate your contribution to support Ukraine in the battle of defense and liberation of the temporarily occupied territories. In fact, it is possible to join fundraisers for the purchase of armored vehicles, drones, military equipment e medical material for the care of the wounded on the front line.

Among the projects instead for the support of the civilian population there are buying current generators to make up for the deficiencies due to Russian bombing of strategic infrastructures, the arrangement of temporary housing for displaced people from the hottest areas of the war and the supply of humanitarian aid for the most needy.

How to contribute to the Prytula Charity Foundation

To also donate from Italy and support Ukraine in this war through the Prytula Charity Foundation it's that simple. Enough go to the site and choose the cause that is closest to your heart and make your contribution by credit card.

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