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UAnimals, fundraising to save animals from war zones

UAnimals animal fundraiser in Ukraine
UAnimals fundraising page to help animals in Ukraine

Since the day of the tragic large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the UAnimals association is fighting hard every day for evacuation, to feed e bring the necessary care to animals suffering in war zones. The fight of Uanimals is certainly not easy. The problem is not only with pets, but even wild animals like tigers and lions and for them UAnimals has activated a specific fundraiser that you can find at this link:

Another important project carried out by UAnimals concerns the sterilization of homeless dogs and cats which this war has significantly increased. With this project we try to limit the scourge of stray dogs in Ukraine. Finally, sterilization is essential for the health of the animals, preventing the spread of contagious diseases and thus ensuring the reduction of possible epidemics. 

UAnimals is engaging inhelp all animal shelters in the Kherson area affected by the flood of June 6, 2023. We are now well aware that the ecocide caused by Russia with the destruction of the Nova Khakovka dam involved and killed thousands of animals. UAnimals is trying to do everything possible to get in touch with those who manage animal shelters to help in this dire emergency.

The association has also launched a petition to collect signatures #StopEcocide to expose the crimes against nature committed by the Russians. We are talking about millions of animals killed, very high levels of air pollution, hundreds of square meters of soil burned and rendered unusable for both life and agriculture.

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How to help UAnimals

Helping UAnimals is easy, that's all access the site, choose the amount that will be donated and make a donation also from Italy by credit card or Google Pay. Every little help can make a difference.