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Italy-Ukraine association Maidan

Italy-Ukraine Maidan Association, fundraising to help Ukraine

THEItaly-Ukraine association Maidan was born in the province of Milan in 2014 and since the day of the infamous large-scale invasion by Russia it has intensified its activities to best support Ukraine and its brave people.

Italy Ukraine Maidan is running a fundraising via PayPal or bank transfer to bring aid to Ukraine. The donations will be used for the purchase of basic necessities, humanitarian aid, medicines and for projects such as the purchase of ambulances or help for Ukrainian orphanages.

Italy Ukraine Maidan on Facebook

The Italy-Ukraine Maidan association is also on Facebook, follow it to stay updated on their activities.

How to help the Italy Ukraine Maidan association

Means the specific page dedicated to the collection funds on the association's website Italy Ukraine Maidan you can donate via PayPal or bank transfer to help them complete their charitable projects. Every little help can save a life.

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