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Voices of children, to help children affected by the war in Ukraine

Voices of children is a charitable foundation established in Ukraine which aims to bring aid to children directly affected by war.

La fundraising in place for Voices of Children helps the foundation primarily to complete three important projects:
la care and psychological support of children in Ukraine;
the targeted help thanks to the donation of basic necessities in the most affected areas;
la protection of rights of minors.

The work of Voices of Children is really important as it is done directly in the field. As they say on their site: theUkraine is under attack and there are millions of children in need who need to be helped.

How to help Voices of Children

Help the organization from Italy Voices of children it's easy. Enough access the site and via the donation page you can bid directly by credit card, PayPal, Patreon or bank transfer.

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