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Ukrainian petcube

Petcube, the tech for animals made in Ukraine

Petcube is a technology company that makes really cool tools for the remote control of our pets when we are not at home and these products are proudly designed and made in Ukraine. Through their systems we can monitor that our dogs and cats do not cause disasters in our absence and, if this were to happen, it will be possible to recall them remotely and even reward them!

Petcube's Ukrainian staff

Most of Petcube's staff is located in Ukraine and in recent months it has had to face a situation that was unthinkable until a few years ago. Russia's war in no way provoked by Ukraine.

Some staff members have joined the armed forces, others have to constantly take refuge in shelters and all are enduring the atrocities of this crazy war.

Petcube immediately took action support various fundraisers in favor of the armed forces and civilians in Ukraine. Purchasing their products is therefore a further way to help Ukraine get back on its feet in these difficult months.

How Petcube helps Ukraine

Petcube has never given up and still continues to do so support Ukraine donating to humanitarian foundations operating in the area and providing work to Ukrainian staff even in difficult conditions. On their website you can see and buy all their products.

Here are the support statements published by Petcube, also for helping animals in Ukraine:

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