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NEMO, a precious help to Ukrainian museums

NEMO is the acronym of Network of European Museums Organisations and mainly deals with connecting the most important European museums in order to enhance their heritage, create collaborations and visibility for the various European museum activities. It also offers consultancy and training to keep the level of museums in Europe always very high.

Needless to say, the war is not sparing even Ukrainian museums, and NEMO immediately took to the field for protect works of art e bring support to Ukrainian museums

For example, she was involved in creating a virtuous help network to create temporary safe havens for works of art in Ukrainian museums.

It also promotes active fundraisers to provide museums in Ukraine the necessary for survival, such as power generators, fire extinguishers, packaging for the protection of works of art and financial support for increasingly struggling Ukrainian staff.

Another commendable initiative is the promotion of personnel searches of different European museums dedicated exclusively to Ukrainian citizens. Work and education for those who had to flee the war is a very important lifeline.

To know all the activities of NEMO in favor of Ukraine

In specific section of the NEMO website dedicated to the Ukraine emergency you can find all the information and activities undertaken by NEMO for the support for museums and Ukrainian culture.

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