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Blue/Yellow fundraising for military equipment in Ukraine

The Lithuanian organization Blue / Yellow has been active in supporting Ukraine since 2014 and since the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia on February 22, 2022 it has intensified its initiatives to help the armed forces in the defense of Ukraine by donating military equipment useful to soldiers for the defense of their homeland.

The Blue/Yellow collective is based in Lithuania, a country that in all these months has done so much to help their Ukrainian neighbors.

Active fundraising is for the purchase of military equipment to be provided directly to soldiers, volunteers and civil defense workers in Ukraine.
In detail, the money described will be used for the purchase of helmets, optical viewers, drones, military clothing e bulletproof vests.

How to donate to Blue/Yellow

If you want your donation to become direct aid to the Ukrainian soldiers on the front you can also make a donation from Italy to this page. It is possible to donate directly by credit card.

The fundraising from 2022 is having great success, it is very popular and has already raised several tens of millions of euros, all transformed into tangible aid for the Ukrainian army.

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