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Mo museum Vilnius for Ukraine

MO Museum in Vilnius in support of Ukrainian citizens


Il MO Museum in Vilnius (Lithuania) is a contemporary art museum that established various charitable initiatives in support of citizens of Ukraine after the outbreak of war with Russia in 2022.

When a normal ticket is purchased it is in fact possible to make an extra donation in order to allow Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainian citizens in Lithuania to access the museum for free. Furthermore, events and temporary exhibitions are promoted, the proceeds of which are donated entirely to various fundraising organizations to support Ukraine. Likewise, guided tours for special museum events, which usually require an increase in ticket prices, will be free for Ukrainian citizens.

The MO Museum is also committed to support Ukrainian art, purchasing works by Ukrainian artists to be displayed among its collections.

The initiatives in support of Ukraine in this terrifying war by the MO Museum in Vilnius are truly many, on their website you will find the complete list and indications on how to support the museum in its charitable campaigns.

At this link you will find all the initiatives of the MO Museum in Vilnius:

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