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Ursa for Ukraine

URSA, association for animal aid in Ukraine

BEAR is an association born in 2018 with the aim of help animals in Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022 obviously the work for URSA has significantly increased and now they fight to bring animals to safety from war zones and to provide food aid and basic necessities to Ukrainian refuges, especially those most in difficulty along the front line. Unfortunately, there have been many animals that have died in Ukraine due to the bombings or due to the actions of the Russians in the temporarily occupied areas.
The association is located in Kyiv, so all aid can be promptly brought to where it is most needed in Ukraine.

URSA also deals with legal aspects of animal welfare, helping those situations in which crimes of cruelty to animals are configured. There are already several reports of crimes of this kind that URSA has transformed into lawsuits and convictions for the people involved.

To help animals in need who are really going through hell during this war, URSA is working to help raise funds to be transformed into concrete aid (food and medicine) for active shelters in Ukraine.
Aid that was also brought to Kherson after the explosion of the Nova Khakovka dam which created a terrible ecocide by killing thousands of poor animals and causing much suffering to our pets. Their help was very important.

Ursa on social networks

You can also stay updated on URSA's activities by following them on their social networks: Facebook e Instagram to see how with great difficulty they are helping hundreds of animals in such a complicated period for all of Ukraine

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How to help URSA

From Italy it is possible to donate by credit card or Google Pay by connecting to the official URSA website on the dedicated donation page. Your donations will turn into aid for our animal friends, into food that will be distributed to shelters in various regions directly affected by this absurd war.