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IKEA still supporting Ukraine

Sometimes there are stories of solidarity that, even if orchestrated by top multinational companies, never come to light. This is the case with IKEA who during the first year of the war did not stop carrying out actions in favor of Ukraine.

In the aftermath of February 24, 2022, IKEA had already closed all its stores in Russia and Belarus and terminated its business in the aggressor countries. But that's not all. During this year it has donated 9 million Euros in household products to help Ukrainian citizens who have lost their homes and had to take refuge in other cities.

Donation reported by IKEA April 2023 report includes 71.000 mattresses86.000 blankets, 75.000 sheets , 99.000 kitchen sets e 205.000 pillows.

IKEA achieved this with the help of the organizations UNHCR, Save the Children and UNICEF who distributed the donated material to both refugees inside Ukraine and those hosted outside the border.

Ikea outside Russia

Let us remember that Ikea was one of the first multinational companies to exit the Russian market in support of the Ukrainian people. You can find out who is still doing business as usual with the Kremlin by visiting the site Leave Russia. Among the companies that have not yet left Russia and therefore not following the good example of Ikea we find big names such as Leroy Merlin, Nestle, Pepsico, Ferrero e Barilla, just to name a few.

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