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Malve di Ucraina

Malve di Ucraina, Verona in the field for Ukraine

The association Malve di Ucraina of Verona was born in 2009 and since 24 February 2022 it has intensified its assistance to the Ukrainian population to alleviate at least in part the pains of war.

Malve di Ucraina he has already been involved in supporting the Ukrainian community in Veneto for years, becoming a real point of reference and of help for all Ukrainian citizens and for the refugees who have taken refuge in Italy from the war in recent months.

The association brings concrete help both through their online fundraising and through the collection of food and basic necessities to be delivered on Ukrainian territory.

Despite the war, Malve di Ucraina makes sure to continue its activities for the promotion and integration of Ukrainian culture in Italy, organizing events of various kinds to involve not only Ukrainian citizens but also interested Italians.

How to help the association Malve di Ucraina

If you want to help Malve di Ucraina it's that simple. On the association website you will find the possibility to make one online donation with PayPal or by bank transfer. Always on theirs place you will find all the addresses and ways to bring the basic necessities which will be sent to those who need it most directly on Ukrainian territory.

The figures collected thanks to everyone's generosity are very important today and have made it possible to provide concrete aid both in the form of cars and emergency vehicles, medical equipment and medicines. A great help to the people of Ukraine directly from our Veneto.

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