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Drones for Ukraine, buy a drone for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Drones for Ukraine is an initiative of a group of volunteers who raise funds for provide modern drones to the defenders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the defense of their territory.

The association has been operational since 2014, but obviously it has been intensifying its work since 2022.

All proceeds from this fundraiser are spent on the purchase of DJI Mavic 3 and Autel Evo 2 drones to be sent to the defenders of Ukraine. Other useful instruments that are purchased and donated to the armed forces such as the very important night vision goggles.
If you already own drones or equipment, it will also be possible to directly donate the material directly to Drones for Ukraine for distribution in combat zones. On the site you will find all the information on how to do it and contacts for more information about it.

Drones for Ukraine
Donations over $1.000 will give you a piece of a Russian plane shot down over Ukraine.

A peculiarity of this foundation is that for donations exceeding $ 1.000 you can receive as a "gift" a numbered piece of a shot down Russian fighter plane thanks to the drones of Drones for Ukraine.
As they write on their website, they initially thought it impossible for someone to donate that amount, but the Ukrainian emergency has really touched many people from all over the world, and the day after the start of this fundraiser, donations of over $1.000 to get a part of a Russian aircraft shot down were already many and still continue.

On their twitter account you will find all the latest news and information.

How to buy a drone for Drones for Ukraine

The easiest way to help Drones for Ukraine from Italy I say go to their site and make a free donation via PayPal.

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If you wish to have as a "souvenir" a piece of Russian aircraft shot down over Ukrainian territory, the minimum donation is set at $1.000. In this case, carefully follow all the instructions to indicate where to send your recognition. On the site you will find all the information and contacts for further information.