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UDDU, Ukrainian designers united in the crisis

UDDU (Ukrainian Digital Design United) is one of those smart ways to support wartime Ukraine not only through donations, but supporting the work of Ukrainian citizens.

UDDU is a hub of expert Ukrainian digital designers which connects business with the Made in Ukraine design offer thanks to their network of connections. In this way the advantage is double: a part of the proceeds will go to charity in favor of humanitarian associations while at the same time a Ukrainian digital designer will have been able to work and earn for himself and his family.

Ukrainian experts provide consultancy and production for countless jobs: web design, graphic design, motion design, branding, packaging and more. Find all the information here:

The UDDU collective came together in the aftermath of the start of the war, to bring concrete benefits to Ukrainian society through their work, their talents and their ideas. It is yet another virtuous example of how a country like Ukraine was already projected towards the future, while anti-democratic forces wanted to throw it back into the shadows.

How to work with UDDU

If you have digital design work you can contact UDDU directly from their website, after an analysis of your project they will offer you the best solution for your request. In this way you will have achieved the desired result and you will have supported Ukraine in its attempt to stop this atrocious war.

uddu on social networks

The UDDU community can also be found on social media where you can find the presentation of some of their works and all the information necessary to get in touch with them.

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