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NFT Art Ukraine to support Ukrainian artists

NFT Art Ukraine is an initiative born from a 100% Ukrainian collective for support Ukrainian artists in these difficult months of war.
The operation stems precisely from the need to find a way not to succumb totally to the logic of war, but demonstrating that in Ukrainian society there are talented artists who resist and who must be supported. Culture is one of the weapons in our possession not only to have a better future, but also a more sustainable present.

For the uninitiated, an NFT (Not Fungible Token) is nothing more than (simplified) an electronic certificate that legitimizes the ownership of a digital work of art on the blockchain. This technology therefore allows you to become the owner of a digital work, in this case with the aim of helping Ukraine and its artists.

on the shop on their site you can see their entire collection and choose to purchase your favorite work.

How NFT Art helps Ukraine

NFT Art Ukraine will donate between 50% and 100% of sales to government funds and agencies for the financing of various humanitarian projects for Ukraine's resistance to the Russian invasion. One such organization is Come Back Alive for support for the armed forces, which we told you about in a article dedicated to the foundation support for the Ukrainian military. 

How to buy on NFT Art Ukraine

Buying an NFT is not like buying a physical painting. The transaction must be done in cryptocurrency. However, there is one on the NFT Art Ukraine website comprehensive guide to buy NFT with cryptocurrencies.

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