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Slainte Irish Whiskey with a limited edition for Ukraine

Slainte for Ukraine
Slainte Whiskey's online statement in support of Ukraine

Since February 24, 2022, the date of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, all sectors of global civil society have moved to support the Ukrainian people in this fight for freedom and democracy.
The alcohol production sector has also played its part. We tell you about Slainte Irish Whiskey, a US brand that produces Irish whiskey. It also helped that he is one of the founders of Slainte Liev Schreiber, actor of Ukrainian origins and former ambassador of United24, the association created by President Zelensky to support various projects in support of Ukraine with fundraising.

As the founders of Slainte Irish Whiskey explain on their website “when you can lend a hand, then do so“. And they did it by producing a special limited edition whiskey bottle to support a fundraiser for the association BlueCheck Ukraine. Only 280 bottles of this 18 year old single malt whiskey were produced.

The limited edition bottle costs $499, but it is not possible to receive it in Italy, distribution is limited to the USA.

The story of Slainte it is a common story in these months of war, companies that carve out part of their business to help Ukraine in this battle which is also ours. These are not actions to be underestimated, especially here in Italy where examples of this type were seen only in the very first months of the conflict.

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