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Savchenko Foundation for Ukraine

Savchenko Foundation, from Poland the art in aid of Ukraine

La Savchenko Foundation is a foundation from Gdansk in Poland whose mission is to spread culture through all expressive forms of art, promoting creative dialogue and international cooperation.

Since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Savchenko Foundation has opened its spaces to numerous events in support of their Ukrainian neighbors, promoting fundraising both directly in his Gallery and in collaboration with other protagonists of European culture. As they write on their website, from the day the war began the foundation also became an important hub of coordination for activities in support of Ukraine and its brave people.

The donations collected go to direct support of the Ukrainian armed forces, voluntary associations and to support civilians involved in the conflict.

In recent months, the Savchenko Foundation has created a virtuous network of aid in support of their fund in aid of Ukraine and has organized both cultural and artistic events to spread Ukrainian culture in Europe, as well as actual auctions whose proceeds have been donated to charity.

This is another beautiful example of how we can all do our part through our everyday work and support the Ukrainian cause in these difficult and tormented months.

Savchenko Foundation on social media

You can connect to the Savchenko Foundation via their social networks, where you can find all the updates on the foundation's activities and organized events.

How to help Ukraine through Savchenko Foundation

The Savchenko Foundation in section of its website dedicated to the Ukraine emergency provides bank details to help the foundation in its aid works in Ukraine. Always on this page you will find a report of the results of the donations received. It is also possible to donate from Italy via bank transfer or PayPal.

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