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Union of Help Kherson fundraiser

Union of Help to Kherson, fundraising for the Kherson region

Union of Help to Kherson
The website of the Union of Help to Kherson association

Union of Help to Kherson is an association of the homonymous region which in recent months has helped (and continues to help) thousands of civilians trapped under Russian occupation. Although the main city of kherson has been liberated by the Ukrainian armed forces, still a part of the region is temporarily under occupation.
The association through voluntary and various actions fundraising he provided to bring hope to those who had lost everything. Union of Help to Kherson It provides food, medicine, assistance to all those citizens who have suffered and are suffering the destruction brought about by the army of international criminal putin.

The tragedy of the Nova Khakovka dam

As if that weren't enough, on June 6, 2023 the Russian army blew up the dam of Nova Khakovka, generating a disaster of unimaginable dimensions: tens of thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes, victims, injured and thousands of animals swept away by the waters with entire villages flooded and destroyed. An ecocide that will make its consequences felt for a long time. A wound that cannot be closed overnight.

Union of Help to Kherson is already put to work to bring help to the population, to assist with basic necessities, food, water and medicines to the displaced.

They cannot do it alone, which is why they have launched an appeal for one fundraising to help the areas affected by this environmental disaster and the displaced people who have lost their homes.

Union of Help to Kherson on social media

You can follow all the updates of this tireless association directly on their Facebook page, where the aid they are bringing to Kherson is regularly published.

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How to help Union of Help to Kherson

The association needs us, on their site (by clicking on the "Donate" button) international fundraising via PayPal to bring aid to the areas affected by the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam. It is therefore also possible to donate from Italy for this umpteenth tragic emergency.