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sponsor companies of the war in Ukraine

War & Sanctions, the companies considered by Ukraine to be sponsors of the war

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine we have often heard of sanctions e war sponsor, but without ever knowing the details well and above all which companies and people are sanctioned and for what reason.

Lack of information has often contributed to favoring a storytelling from the pro-Russian side, considering unnecessary sanctions and the definition of one entity as a sponsor of the war in Ukraine as merely decorative. It is not so. Sanctions hurt to Russia (very badly even if it tries to get around them) and the companies sponsoring the war will at least have a decidedly worrying return on image and investments in the West, especially when this war is over.

Il Ukrainian government published the site “War & Sanctions” where it highlights which are the sanctions and which i individuals sanctioned and considered sponsors of war. This database must be kept in mind that it is exclusively drawn up on the Ukrainian side, as each nation has its own autonomy on the definition of sanctions. Its main purpose is to give more information to Ukraine's allies for future investigations and measures on these subjects (individuals and companies).

What are the war sponsor companies for Ukraine?

The list presents high-sounding names, all companies that despite the aggression they have not stopped doing business in russia and after a long time and many atrocities they continue with their business.
It must be emphasized that many giants with large turnovers immediately left the Russian market in the days following the invasion of Ukraine, so continuing to do business in Russia today is synonymous with cynicism e support this war that is also financed with taxes that these companies pay in russia.

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Among the Italian companies in this list of international sponsors of the war we find Danieli SPA (metallurgical giant) e Buzzi Unicem (leader in the cement market), but some high-sounding names make the news:
Mondelez International (food and beverage, among its brands stand out Oreo, Milka, toblerone, Chipster, Fonzies and many others), P & G (consumer products such as Gilette, Brown, Viakal, Swiffer and others), the home improvement chain Leroy Merlin and the supermarket chain Auchan.
Even Unilver, which owns some of the major brands of products that we find every day in our supermarkets, has become part of this unenviable list. Some of Unilever's products are Ax, Badedas, Cif, Dove, Glysolid and many, many, many others.


Boycott war-sponsoring companies

On the page of international sponsors of the war of War & Sanctions you will find the complete list of these companies.
The Ukrainian government invites you to boycott these companies by not buying from them anymore, but obviously it's not an imposition, it must be everyone's conscience to decide what they believe might be better. In the Scandinavian countries there are already several civil society movements on the issue. The site too B4Ukraine which monitors and traces the activities of companies that have not yet disconnected from business in Russia, monitors the situation.