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IPU - together for Ukraine

IPU, Together for Ukraine, many beneficial projects from the Marche region

IPU (Together For Ukraine) is an Italian association based in the Marche region active in providing help and support to the most difficult members of the Ukrainian population. IPU is standing out in these months of war for its strong support for the Ukrainian cause, with the establishment of several fundraising (both online and through physical collections in the Marche region) for various humanitarian projects, with the organization of awareness-raising initiatives and voluntary work.

Among the many projects of the association there are active fundraisers to meet the needs caused by Russia's criminal war against Ukraine. They were in fact collected by IPU over the months funds for the purchase of current generators (after the devastating destruction of civilian energy infrastructure this winter) and basic necessities for the important project "Ukrainian Health Project” (in collaboration with Anteas Alessandria – Anteas Falconara), to improve the treatment of Ukrainian cancer patients.
This project is particularly important because with the war the already precarious hospital situation in Ukraine literally plummeted and every small humanitarian intervention in this field means hope for the life of cancer patients. The activity consists in hosting and treating cancer patients (both adults and children) in structures in Italy in order to subject them to the necessary treatments.

eat help IPU

Sul site IPU it is possible to make a donation by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal to support all the projects of the association.

Helping these realities of our territory is a fundamental gesture, because they bring important direct aid to the civilian population affected by this atrocious conflict.

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