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United24 launches fundraising for Kherson emergency

United24 Lifeboats for Ukraine
The United24 site for Kherson emergency

United24 (the fundraising platform wanted by President Zelensky to support the armed forces and civilians during the war, we talked about it here: launched the emergency fundraising campaign for Kherson oblast, following theflood caused by the destruction of the Nova Khakovka dam by the Russian army on June 6, 2023.

The fundraiser is calledLifeboat for Ukraine” and serves to bring aid to the flooded areas through the purchase of rescue boats, motor pumps, drones for the identification of underwater explosives and other instruments useful for this tragedy.

This emergency campaign it is crucial because there are still entire villages flooded, people and animals trapped. As if that weren't enough, the flood caused by the destruction of the dam also swept away the mines placed on the territory by the Russians and which are now floating in the water in the middle of the cities and hindering the rescue work.

How to donate to Unite24 for Lifeboats for Ukraine

United24 has created a section dedicated to this fundraising campaign emergency. From there it will be possible to make a donation also from Italy by credit card or bank transfer. The funds will be used to purchase instrumentation and equipment to overcome this emergency, find the list on this page:

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