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Uber has always been at Ukraine's side

Uber, leader in the private car transport sector, has been at Ukraine's side since the first minute of the war, making free services available for strategic sectors of Ukrainian society.
In fact, Uber continues to provide some car transport services for free for doctors, teachers and for critical transport in front areas to support the armed forces. Think about how important and at the same time dangerous it can be to transport doctors to the hot zones of the front line in order to save the wounded defenders of Ukraine.

Uber rides for ukraine
Uber's press release page for Ukraine

Uber does not limit its intervention in Ukraine only to the provision of these services, but has joined as a partner United24 with the international campaign Keep Ukraine Moving, through which Uber managed to raise enough funds to purchase “Type C” ambulances, among the best equipped to provide immediate and quality help to the soldiers and civilian population injured in this terrifying war of aggression.

But Uber didn't finish its work there. He also established the campaign "Ride with Uber for Ukraine and save lives” to raise further funds in collaboration with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, for the purchase of further ambulances to be made operational in the hot areas of Ukraine.
Ride with Uber for Ukraine allows those who use this transport service all over the world to select a special option with a small surcharge that will go directly into this fund for the Ministry of Health.

Uber has provided and is providing a lot of help to the courageous Ukrainian people, representing a virtuous example of support for Ukraine through its business.

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