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Wines from Ukraine

Wines from Ukraine to support wine producers in Ukraine

Wines from Ukraine
A grape variety hit hard during the war.

Over the past decade Ukraine has done giant strides in the wine sector where research and development have radically changed wine production by focusing on one higher product quality. Unfortunately, right at the best of times, the war arrived and this sector suffered serious damage without ever stopping completely.
Ukraine has several regions suitable for the cultivation of vines with important producers with years and years of history behind them, but the contingent situation is creating considerable difficulties in all sectors of this economy. Difficulty in finding labor (many men and women are fighting on the front), difficulty in exporting their products and land to follow in any case. And this in the best of cases, when their fields have not been bombed and ruined beyond repair.

Wines from Ukraine it is an online shop that allows us to support Ukrainian winemakers and allows us in Italy to taste their wines. The site also serves to raise public awareness on this issue, that is, no economic sector has been spared by the war and it is up to us to help as much as possible to support those who have been so barbarously attacked.

Su Wines from Ukraine you will be able to find wines from Ukraine for all palates, learn about these new avant-gardes in the wine sector, drink a good wine and do something of great importance for those who are courageously fighting a devastating and unjust war today.

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Su Wines From Ukraine you will find various proposals, reds, whites, bubbles and special offers. You can pay by credit card also from Italy and delivery is more than reasonable.

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