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RuAssets, not to do business with international criminals

Today more than ever it is important that our business is ethical and responsible. The motto "business as usual" no longer applies in such a complex and profoundly unjust geopolitical situation. Anyone who looks the other way is nothing but an accomplice in Russia's aggression against Ukraine, an aggression also against our values ​​of freedom and democracy for which we have fought hard since 1945 until today.

An example of search results on RuAssetsRuAssets is an online service created specifically for discover connections of companies and individuals with russian, belarusian and other sanctioned entities due to the invasion of Ukraine. With RuAssets we can immediately know if the people with whom we do business do not own assets or are involved directly or indirectly in business with sponsors of the war in Ukraine and possibly block any initiative with these subjects, for an ethical and clean business.

On the other hand, we are not just talking about ethics here, but also about personal safety. Would you trust your business to someone who has ties to major international criminals and no ethics or respect for human life?

An in-depth analysis

RuAssets' analyzes of companies and individuals are far from superficial, but they extend in depth up to the third and fourth degree of connection with sanctioned and dangerous elements. This allows you to ripulire your entire sphere of work.

The use of this service has the aim of demonstrating to those who until now without any ethics have continued undaunted to have business ties with Russia and Belarus that this is a choice that does not pay if the result is the abandonment of Western contacts .

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