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Go Dusha Brodiagi

Go Dusha Brodiagi, special animal aid in Ukraine

Ukraine's resistance does not only come from the aid (albeit huge) that the Western world provides to the population at war, but also from a dense network of internal support in all areas of solidarity. There are thousands of charitable initiatives that courageous Ukrainian citizens carry forward every day with strength and passion despite adversity.
There are wonderful and at the same time tragic stories that run through the Ukrainian social fabric and one of these stories is that of the animal shelter Go Dusha Brodiagi of Kamianets Podilskyi (not far from Cernivci) active since 2017.

In fact, this refuge mainly deals with "special" animals, or with the presence of disabilities, illnesses or injuries and impairments that make the life of our four-legged friends truly terrible. Imagine how many of these poor animals have not been welcomed into the family because of these problems, because they are considered only a burden. The Go Dusha Brodiagi shelter welcomes them under their roof trying to provide the necessary care to save as many lives as possible.
Go Dusha Brodiagi doesn't just take care of animals with disabilities, it also tries to help their healthier friends who find themselves wandering on the streets. Stray dogs are a phenomenon which has not yet been eradicated in Ukraine and which the war has further accentuated.

The Go Dusha Brodiagi shelter has also set up some fundraising to help their guests, to build new fences and for general maintenance of the shelter. There are many problems, money is always too little for good works. A little help from us can really save the lives of many animal friends in serious difficulty.

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Go Dusha Brodiagi on social networks

You can see their commitment and how they work on their page Instagram. By following them you will discover the harsh wartime reality of a shelter for special animals.

How to help the Go Dusha Brodiagi shelter

A this link you will find active fundraisers for Go Dusha Brodiagi Special Animal Shelter. It is also possible to make a donation from Italy via Google Pay or credit card.