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G.Art supports Ukraine

G.Art, Eastern European art in support of Ukraine

G.Art is the leading online platform for the art sector that promotes talented contemporary Eastern European artists through online sales and 360-degree support. From the day of the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022 G.Art has openly come out in support of Ukraine participating and organizing various fundraising initiatives for humanitarian organizations operating on Ukrainian soil.

The Art for Charity initiative by G.Art

G.Art supports ukrainian art for charity

With Art for Charity the G.Art portal helps Ukraine in its war against the invader

The main initiative that you will find on their website is called “Art for Charity“, where artists from 23 Eastern European countries wanted to participate by donating their works, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity for humanitarian and military aid so that Ukraine can achieve the longed-for victory. The works can be viewed in the appropriate section "SupportUkraine” of the G.Art website, where you will also find the list of all the artists who are participating in this initiative.
As we said, the proceeds will be donated to some of the most important charities operating in Ukraine, including Come Back Alive (aid to the armed forces) e UAnimals (to save the life of our animal friends).

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg of G.Art's pro-Ukraine initiative, which in fact during these months of war has organized and continues to organize exhibitions and events dedicated to Ukrainian artists. G.Art is doing a great job in this sector for Ukraine and its artists.

G.Art on social media

On G.Art's social networks you can find more information on the events organized and on fundraising to support the brave Ukrainian people in this very hard war.

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How to support Ukraine on G.Art

On the G.Art website in the appropriate section SupportUkraine you can view the works in this collection in support of Ukraine. Payment can be made by credit card.
Browsing instead the section "Magazine” of the G.Art site you can stay updated on all the events organized in support of Ukrainian artists.