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Ikea withdraws Mondelez products (Toblerone, Oreo…)

There are many companies that talk about ethical and sustainable business and then apply the saying “Pecunia non olet” (money doesn't stink, referring to the entrepreneurs of Ancient Rome who dealt with public latrines – a comparison that is more apt than ever). Then there are giants like Ikea who took a clear and clear position on the conflict in Ukraine from day one and still continues with this approach, in addition to always actively engage in aid to Ukraine.

Ikea Boycott Mondelez
Ikea is pulling Mondelez products from its shelves from its stores in Sweden and other countries

In fact, Ikea is withdrawing Mondelez products from its shelves like toblerone, Milka e Oreo in support of Ukraine. Indeed, Mondelez is among the companies considered sponsors of the war by the Ukrainian government, as it has never stopped doing business in Russia despite the crimes against humanity that this terrorist state has committed. With his business in Russia Mondelez pays huge taxes to the Kremlinthus financing the continuation of the war.

For now it is a question of the withdrawal of these products in the various Ikea stores only from some countries such as Sweden, Norway and Poland, but we are sure that others will soon follow.

In this way Ikea renews with deeds the intentions implemented since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, first with the withdrawal from the Russian market, then with fundraising and supply of goods in aid of the Ukrainian population and now with another strong signal through the withdrawal of the products of one of the most important sponsors of the war in the world.

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