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EUvsDisinfo, the project to expose the lies of the Kremlin

euvsdisinfo database
The EUvsDisinfo Kremlin fake news database

EU vs Disinfo it's that typical project that everyone should know about but of course nobody knows anything about it. Surely the Italian media (but let's put the international ones quietly) do not have much interest in being discovered as propagators of Russian fake news (both voluntarily and involuntarily).

The project was born in 2015 to try to put a stop to the spread of fake news and Russian propaganda aimed at destabilizing the states of the European Union. The project is in fact an offshoot of East Stratcom, an EU-sponsored task force to analyze how Russian propaganda was creeping into our democracies and to figure out how to fight it.

EUvsDisinfo is the site born from this activity and translated into 15 languages ​​(so we Italians usually refractory to truth and common sense can take a look at it) and therefore easily accessible by everyone and very simple to consult. Every single sentence is analyzed, contextualized and put under a magnifying glass. It is then explained why a certain statement promoted by pro-Russian information networks should be considered fake news.

The report is really comprehensive and includes the debunking of over 15 fake news. It would be very useful to the Italian media which in these months of war have managed to spread tons of rubbish both via the web and in the traditional national media, passing it off as real news or as different but respectable points of view. Which is quite disheartening.

Although this project was born as a generic antidote to counter Russian propaganda, today it has taken on a different connotation. The info-war is also part of a war and, like the one on the field, this too must be won at all costs.

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EU vs Disinfo

EUvsDisinfo can also be found on the main social networks where they are very active in sharing their news and debunking the fake news of pro-Kremlin propaganda.

How to consult the EUvsDisinfo database

EUvsDisinfo is very simple to use, just go to home page, select your language of interest and you will immediately find the most interesting topics analyzed on the geographical basis of your country.

If you want to carry out a more in-depth analysis, you can consult the EUvsDisinfo database (which is however only in English) where you can navigate with detailed and in-depth data over 15 fake news that has been propagandized in the European Union in recent years.