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February 24 Ukrainian association

24 February Ukrainian association, Abruzzo for Ukraine

The Ukrainian Association February 24 based in L'Aquila in Abruzzo was born in the aftermath of the unfortunate Russian invasion to bring immediate aid to Ukraine and give support and answers to Ukrainian citizens hosted in Italy.
February 24 association Ukraine stands out for its great activity in the Abruzzo area and has quickly become a point of reference and help for the Ukrainian community in the area, taking action to mediate bureaucratic issues, giving refuge to Ukrainians displaced from their country and organizing fundraising to be sent directly in Ukraine, where there is an increasing need for support.

The association is also active organizing various initiatives in Abruzzo to raise public awareness of the Ukraine topic that seems at times almost forgotten and (this time it doesn't seem but it is) belittled and stripped of its real meaning.
Since its inception, 24 February has promoted fundraising to bring power generators to help Ukrainians overcome a difficult winter with devastated energy infrastructures, organized demonstrations and events to help the pediatric ward of the Trostyanets.
These are things that give hope and in some cases hope is everything.

Ukraine February 24 Drink Up
Drink Up, Make a Difference, the event in favor of Kherson animals organized from 24 February

Another great initiative was “Drink up, make a difference“, where the night clubs of the historical center of L'Aquila donated 1€ for each drink drunk in the glass of the special event for help the animals of Kherson in trouble after the tragedy of the explosion of the Nova Khakovka dam.

You can find all the news and their initiatives by following the February 24 association directly on their social networks: Facebook, Instagram e Analysis.

February 24 Ukrainian Association on social media

You will find all the initiatives of the 24 February association directly on their social networks, where you can connect with them and not miss any of their events.

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How to help Association 24 February

It is possible to donate to 24 February comfortably with Paypal or by bank transfer. Find all the references for the donation on the page of the association dedicated to fundraising. Furthermore, for those who are in Abruzzo it is possible to physically donate basic necessities which will then be sent to Ukraine.