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UA Postcards

UA Postcards, postcards from Ukraine to support the military

UA Postcards collection
An example of the designs you can choose from on UA ​​Postcards

If you are not yet amazed by the enormous mobilization of Ukrainians to support their army, their creativity and their passion, I believe you will capitulate instead.
UA Postcards is a brilliant idea to encourage fundraising for the Ukrainian military at the front with many different facets in a single activity. Simply put, you can buy anywhere in the world a postcard with a special design supporting Ukraine (here you can see the collection) and the postcard itself will be signed by the soldiers at the front and sent to your address. It's also a pretty good design object.

The designs you can choose from are truly beautiful and depict non-trivial subjects, but symbolic events occurred during this war, messages of resistance and victory (for example the famous Ukrainian tractor which tows the Russian tank, or the Patron dog became a star for his ability to sniff out unexploded ordnance left by terrorists on Ukrainian soil).  
All proceeds will be donated for the purchase of material for front-line soldiers: helmets, bulletproof vests, drones, medicines, vehicles. At the front you need everything, sul UA Postcards site you will be able to see everything in detail.

Postcards can also be sent by you to soldiers at war, you can dedicate a message of support to them and create solidarity and empathy which under certain conditions can only lend a hand to those who are defending our common values ​​with their lives. Obviously also in this case the proceeds will be donated to the same charitable cause.

Postcards at the Russian Embassy

The real stroke of genius, however, is this: with UA Postcards you can send your message directly to the Russian embassy of your choice. Please, choose the design that best represents you and send your thoughts directly to the emissaries of this terrorist state to show that we are all more united than ever.

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How to send or receive a postcard with UA Postcards

By connecting to the UA Postcards website, you can choose the Ukraine-themed design you prefer, pay by credit card or Paypal (we remind you that the proceeds from each postcard will be donated to support the Ukrainian military) and wait to receive your autographed postcard from the defenders of the 'Ukraine, or wait for them to receive your message.

It is also important to underline that if you want during the purchase you can add a further donation in addition to the price of the postcard to better support the military at the front.