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In addition to the incalculable physical damage that the war in Ukraine is causing, there is another aspect of danger hanging over the citizens of Ukraine. It's about the psychological implications that war inflicts on everyone involved both directly and indirectly.

The PsyHelp UA site
The PsyHelp UA website offers free psychological consultations to citizens of Ukraine

PsyHelp UA is a service created precisely to help Ukrainians in difficulty from this point of view, providing a team of expert psychologists able to offer their advice to those who request it to try to alleviate at least a little the pain that those afflicted it is brought inside from the war.
The service offers help in case of post traumatic stress, trough, panic attacks and all those pathologies induced by this terrifying situation. It is also possible to ask for help for your children.
The group of psychologists supporting PsyHelp UA also offers meditation services to try to overcome these moments of crisis.

All these services are provided remotely in order to be able to intervene as quickly as possible and help the person overcome these dark moments.
A really useful service as since February 24, 2022 there is no Ukrainian who hasn't had to face mourning, worries and continuous uncertainty for their future.


PsyHelp business services

PsyHelp UA also offers services (this time for a fee) at companies that have Ukrainians on their staff and who want to demonstrate their closeness to partners and collaborators in a useful and concrete way. Indeed there are session packages depending on the amount of employees of your enterprise. Each session paid by the company for its employees will guarantee a free session to another citizen of Ukraine. A sustainable business model in these months of extreme difficulty.

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PsyHelp on social media

PsyHelp is also active on social networks, follow them to stay up to date on the opportunities they offer in terms of psychological support in such a difficult period as wartime.

How to request help from PsyHelp UA

On the site (you will find both the English and Ukrainian versions) you need to access the section of assistance request and specify the problem encountered and the contact channels necessary to take advantage of the consultancy.
If, on the other hand, you are a company and you want to see which packages and at which costs are available to help your employees, just access the Business section. There you will find all the information to evaluate the purchase of a psychological help package.