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Fresco for Ukraine in Santa Maria Hoè

A fresco for Ukraine, the work of Gianmaria Bonà in Santa Maria Hoè (LC)

Art in all its forms has given great support to Ukraine in these months of war, exposing itself at the forefront of firm condemnation of the Russian invasion and unconditional support for civilians and military engaged in the conflict in Ukraine. We have already talked about fundraising organized through auctions of works of art and themed events (such as the Savchenko Foundation) or with the safeguarding of Ukrainian museum works (NEMO) and again with the promotion and sale of digital works by Ukrainian artists (NFT Art from Ukraine).

The mural of Santa Maria Hoè (LC)

Fresco Ukraine Santa Maria Hoè

The fresco created in Santa Maria Hoè (LC) by the artist Gianmaria Bonà

It is no less the realization of this beautiful fresco in the central street of the town of Santa Maria Hoè in the province of Lecco, created by Gianmaria Bonà, a brilliant and eclectic artist who has long been committed to supporting the Ukrainian people.
In fact, the artist has already created over 130 watercolors that have been put on sale during some charity evenings organized by the association Cassago Chiama Chernobyl that for many years works in support of Ukraine especially in the Chernihiv area.

The fresco (representing the symbols of Ukraine in its colors and meaning) is one demonstration of great commitment and great sensitivity by the artist who wanted and created it. The work does not have a simple aesthetic value, but it is the demonstration that not everyone in Italy has forgotten what is happening in Ukraine and that many people are actually able to openly expose themselves in support of the courageous Ukrainian people, without ambiguity and hesitations.

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We hope to be able to see more frescoes on Italian walls as proof of our civil commitment in solidarity with those who are defending our values ​​of democracy and freedom at the cost of their lives.

fresco santa maria hoè pro Ukraine

Where to see the fresco for Ukraine

The artist's fresco Gianmaria Bonà is located in Santa Maria Hoè (LC) in Via Corsia Mercato.