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Save pets of Ukraine by Kormotech

Save Pets of Ukraine in aid of animals in Ukraine

Save Pets of Ukraine is an internal division of Kormotech (Ukrainian animal feed company) created in March 2022 after the Russian criminal invasion of Ukraine for help animals in need across the country, especially in areas where the conflict has escalated. One studio Kormotech has estimated a leap of at least 20% (in the luckiest cases) in the number of animals housed in shelters, with very specific health needs and in need of care and food.
Save Pets of Ukraine has set itself the goal of bringing aid to the animals most in need, providing shelters in need food e veterinary care Basic.  

All requests for help received by Save Pets of Ukraine (from overcrowded shelters to the individual pet owner) are evaluated by their team and priority is given to the most serious cases, such as shelter situations or abandoned animals in the contact areas. Requests for help can be submitted directly from the website.

Save the Pets of Ukraine is also distinguishing itself by the strong help it is giving to the plight of kherson after the merciless and criminal explosion of the Nova Kakhovka dam which created a real ecocide, with thousands of dead or injured animals. Bringing help to that area was an important commitment that many animal protection associations (among others also Ursa, uanimals e Happy paw participated and continue to contribute) took themselves, a drama in the tragedy of poor Ukraine.

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Save Pets of Ukraine results
Some of the results achieved by Save Pets of Ukraine

On the Save Pets of Ukraine website, in the news section, there is very interesting information for pet owners, for example a vademecum on How to calm your pet household in case of loud explosion noises, or such as treat stray animals. In fact, stray dogs are a serious problem in Ukraine which has worsened with the progress of this tragic war. In addition to this information we find the punctual monthly report which explores the work done by the association and shows the results obtained thanks to the help of donations.

Save Pets of Ukraine on social media

You can also visit their social networks to keep up to date with their progress and all the initiatives undertaken to protect animals in Ukraine.

How to help Save Pets of Ukraine

If you want to help Save Pets of Ukraine save the lives of many animals in need in Ukraine you can find on theirs place a special section (Donate) to make a donation. The fundraiser will help complete Save Pets of Ukraine's animal support projects, provide food to overcrowded shelters and bring basic medical care to thousands of animals who, without our help, risk dying from this war .
It's possible also donate from Italy by credit card.