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European Resilience Initiative Center

European Resilience Initiative Center for Ukraine

Il European Resilience Initiative Center (ERIC) is an organization created with the aim of strengthening European democracies, especially those of Eastern Europe, by promoting bilateral or multilateral cooperation between various countries. Collaborating is certainly better than war and it is the only way to achieve common prosperity and an improvement in the lives of the citizens themselves. Precisely with this logic of cooperation the European Union was born and it is thanks to it that many countries in the past under the thumb of the Soviet Union can now look to the future with optimism, however living a calm and evolving present.

The ERIC Center consists of leading experts in various sectors, from economics to communication to defense. Founded by Sergey Sumlenny he also counts among his collaborators the General Ben Hodges, former commander of US military forces in Europe and among the most brilliant analysts of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.
Their expertise is essential to clarify what is happening in Europe, we advise you to read theirs articles and reports which you can find on the ERIC website to have an impartial and professional vision which, coincidentally, is diametrically opposed to the delusional and provocative version coming from the Kremlin sources and which many in Italy take at face value.

ERIC is not only interested in Ukraine, but these days it is obviously the main one focus.
Its in support of Ukraine the ERIC center is standing out for some fundraising campaigns with targeted objectives. It has raised funds to buy in the past food and medicines for stray animals, medical supplies for the Ukrainian military at the front or current generators to help civilians during the last winter made difficult by Russian bombings aimed at civilian infrastructure.

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ERIC Ukrainian wines as a gift
The exclusive wines offered by the ERIC Center for its fundraising

A collection of sources for the purchase of is currently underway drones with night vision for the 47th separate motorized brigade, a very important instrumentation to operate in the field in safety.
The peculiarity of this collection is the extraction of five donors who will receive as gift for their generosity an exclusive bottle of wine. To say exclusive is an understatement, because these are bottles of Prince Trubetskoy winery in Kherson and the Bahkmut Artwinery, two cellars that were destroyed by Russian ferocity (we talked in the past about how to support Ukrainian winemakers buying their wines online). An even greater incentive to help!

How to help the ERIC center in its fundraising

In “charity” section on the European Resilience Initiative Center website you will find the list of fundraisers. You can donate on the active ones also from Italy via the direct link to Paypal.