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Florida for Ukraine, a story of solidarity from the USA

Solidarity for Ukraine has no borders, the whole world has mobilized since that unfortunate February 24, 2022, and the USA is distinguishing itself in this field too. Florida for Ukraine was born in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to support President Zelensky's country, its citizens and the military at the front through initiatives and fundraising (but not only, we will see later).

Florida for Ukraine Projects
Some of the active fundraisers on Florida for Ukraine

The association is made up of volunteers from all social backgrounds and different nationalities, there are obviously different Ukrainian citizens who participate in Florida for Ukraine, but they all have a common purpose: to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian citizens who are involved as much as possible in the conflict.
Florida for Ukraine is helping Ukraine with its many fundraising, we can see from the place that basic necessities for subsistence have already been donated to civilians, medicines, heat generators for the harsh Ukrainian winter (especially when the thermal power plants are destroyed and electricity, hot water and heating are out of order) and various other supplies for the heroes at the front. The soldiers defending Ukraine have been donated thermal clothing, drones and medical supplies which are unfortunately so necessary on the front line.
Other fundraising campaigns are active, they never stop, for the help of civilians who have lost everything in this one.

An important part of Florida for Ukraine's work is to collaborate with different political figures (from mayors, to senators and members of congress) to lobby to facilitate the release of aid for Ukrainians, to improve the reception and find together a solution to the various emergencies that arise as the war continues. A rather common practice in the United States, pure science fiction here in Italy.

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Another great initiative of Florida for Ukraine is the UA Women Club, a point of reference for Ukrainian women of all ages who share the same values. Being away from your homeland is very difficult, especially in this period of war, and this club wants to be not just a meeting place, but a real listening center to talk, share and improve together your life away from Ukraine.
We see it every day since February 24, 2022, being united is the best way for us all to win together.

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On Florida for Ukraine's social networks you can find all the updates on their projects and initiatives.

How to help Florida for Ukraine

By going to the Florida for Ukraine website in the Projects – Foundraising section you can find all the active fundraising campaigns and donate via Paypal, therefore also from Italy, the project that you feel is closest to your sensitivity.