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Door County Candle for Ukraine

Door County Candle, candles for Ukraine

Door County Candle is a US company producing scented candles, which has already been engaged in philanthropic activities for years, but which since February 24, 2022 has been concentrating its efforts on helping Ukraine win this criminal war started by Russia.
The owner of Door County Candle, Christiana, is Ukrainian and immediately decided to give her contribution to the cause by creating lines of special commemorative candles for the Ukrainian emergency. 100% of the proceeds from these sales are donated to the association Razom which operates in Ukraine and through its fundraising supplies citizens involved in the conflict with medicines and basic necessities.

Thank You Poland
The “Thank You Poland” candle line to thank Polish friends

The candles produced for this cause by Door County Candle I'm there "Ukrainian Candle"And the"Thank You Poland Candle“. The latter dedicated to our Polish friends who decisively helped Ukraine right from the start, welcoming many refugees and generously donating both humanitarian aid and equipment for the soldiers on the front line.
These special lines of candles are part of “Candles Creating Change“, a philanthropic initiative of Door County Candle through which every candle sold contributes to a charitable cause. With the line of candles for Ukraine Door County Candle has already donated the sum of one million dollars to the Razom charity.

Unfortunately for us these candles are not sold in Italy, but only in the United States and Canada, but we still have an example story that should also be an inspiration for our local companies.

Door County Candle on social media

You can follow all the initiatives for Ukraine by Door County Candle also on their social networks, where they are very active in sharing their activities.

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