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MacPaw, a tech company made in Ukraine, continues to support Ukraine

MacPaw is one of the most important Ukrainian tech companies on the international scene, a shining example of how the digitization of the country still ongoing despite the war has created realities that are now able to take the field in support of civilians and soldiers committed to drive the Russian invaders beyond the borders.
Since the day of the invasion MacPaw has immediately spent itself providing technological aids for the front and for ordinary citizens, such as the free license for all citizens in Ukraine to use their ClearVPN software, to be able to communicate securely from their device. The digital warfare of the Russians has found a good fighter in the IT Army of Ukraine.

MacPaw Foundation

The MacPaw Foundation's online help requestFurthermore, through the MacPaw Foundation donations of several million dollars were disbursed, a large part coming directly from the foundation, but also from private users of their services. In fact, MacPaw immediately made a button available on its software to collect donations in support of Ukraine in order to be able to reach and raise awareness on the subject of users from all over the world who use their services.
MacPaw Foundation continues its fundraising efforts and all donations are used for save the lives of the Ukrainian military at the front. In fact, as well as foodstuffs and medicines for first aid, numerous technological and life-saving equipment were delivered to the front lines for those who are defending Ukraine from this criminal aggression by the Russian terrorist state. Drones, bulletproof vests, helmets and protective military equipment were donated along with tablets, StarLink communication sets and other tech devices.

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Special attention goes to fundraising for a device capable of saving many lives of soldiers at the front, let's talk about WWDC19 chiller, a real blood bank to provide immediate relief and save lives.

MacPaw on social networks

You can follow all the initiatives, fundraisers and results obtained by MacPaw Foundation on their social channels:

How to help MacPaw Foundation

You can help MacPaw Foundation raise funds to support Ukraine in this tragic war by going to their site and clicking on the button "Donate“. The donation can also be made from Italy by credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay