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Science for Ukraine, the scientific community in support of Ukraine

What makes this particular historical moment special is not only the pain and difficulties that the courageous Ukrainian people have been suffering since the beginning of the wicked war wanted by the international criminal putin, but it is also the unity that the whole world (with a few ridiculous exceptions) is showing towards Ukraine.

Science for Ukraine is a community of volunteer scientists, researchers, students and academics from the world of science in support of the Ukrainian world itself. 
This important project has set itself the mission of support the Ukrainian science department during the war, to contribute to its continuity and to strengthen its presence on the international scientific stage.
One of the most important points is that of cooperation between institutions in the sector, to guarantee work and study opportunities for Ukrainian citizens who, due to the war, had to interrupt their work (or see it drastically reduced) or their studies. Thanks to this initiative, students or scientific researchers can be contacted for international collaborations, to make them participate and active and to share their knowledge despite the difficult period they are going through.

Science for Ukraine is also committed to closely monitoring relations with institutions so that funds are disbursed to support the Ukrainian scientific world, in support of students and professionals in the sector. A vigilant control can in fact make the difference in the distribution of important funds for research and study.

Science for Ukraine - Requests
Some calls for help from Ukrainian scientific institutes

However, the help of Science for Ukraine is above all practical. In fact, on their site you can find requests from Ukrainian institutes in difficulty due to the war which need special materials to carry on their work. Thanks to these reports, much has already been done, but even more remains to be done to preserve and continue research in Ukraine.

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The Science for Ukraine community is very large and includes more than 130 people from all over the world who are committed to advancing this mission. A beautiful story of how every community since February 24, 2022 has felt the duty to rally around Ukraine and make its contribution.

Science for Ukraine is also on social media

You can find more information and updates on the state of the art on their social networks.

How to help Science for Ukraine

If you are a professional in the scientific sector you can register on the Science for Ukraine website, you will be contacted by the managers of this beautiful initiative and you will be able to make yourself available to lend a hand to the Ukrainian scientific world.