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B4Ukraine, for ethical business outside Russia

B4Ukraine is an organization that is doing a commendable job of supporting Ukraine during this war by tracking and sharing those companies that despite all that has happened they are still doing business in russia, paying millions of dollars in taxes that will all feed the Kremlin's war machine of international criminals.

B4Ukraine Reporting companies
Some of B4Ukraine's recommendations of companies still doing business in Russia,

We already talked about War & Sanctions, the site that lists all the companies considered by the Ukrainian government to sponsor terrorism (among others Mondelez - producer of Oreo, Where, Leroy Merlin, Auchan), and B4Ukraine, in addition to keeping these companies under control, also takes care to follow those that have not yet been recognized in this sense, but who continue to work with impunity in Russia.

Only in 2022 did all these companies pay 3,5 billion dollars in taxes to Russia, thus actively financing Russia's military investments putin & co. to bring terror, death and destruction to Ukraine. In addition to these taxes paid, they are guaranteeing support to Russian civil society which, through the work offered by Western companies, can resist the sanctions in progress and not collapse.

For this very reason B4Ukraine invites consumers to boycott the products of these companies who are making profits on Ukrainian blood, to responsibly choose a conscious way for their purchases to demonstrate to these companies that it is possible to do business in an ethical way. I don't think any of us will die without Oreos or Toblerone, or choosing another home improvement chain over Leroy Merlin. For Ukrainians at war this is the line between life and death.
There are already ongoing campaigns in the Nordic countries such as β€œBoycott Mondelez” widespread among large-scale retail chains and citizens to boycott the products of the multinational Mondelez. The same is invited to do for all the other companies still present in Russia.

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