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Group 35, for the technological dominance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Group 35 on social media

Group 35 is an organization born in Ukraine in the first days of the Russian invasion to respond to the Ukrainian army's shortages of technological material.
We have learned that modern wars are not won only by amassing men and obsolete armaments, but above all with the use of new technologies and most cutting-edge defense techniques. In fact, Group 35's mission is precisely to make an important contribution so that the Ukrainian armed forces achieve such technological dominance as to surpass the enemy.

Some projects carried out with the help of Group 35Initially the focus of Group 35 was to supply basic equipment to the territorial defense units that lacked everything, but thanks to their courage they still managed to push the enemy back, especially in the directions of Kyiv. As the war continued, the needs changed and Group 35 is now focusing on the supply of technological material for some units of the armed forces located at the front. The foundation is working to raise funds to send drones to the front line and to equip secure lines for soldiers' encrypted communications, studying the needs of the moment and of the area, with particular attention to NATO standards in order to be able to purchase only actually useful equipment.

All purchases and deliveries of material to soldiers at the front are accounted for in regular reports published on their website and on their social networks as well as the latest news on their incessant support activity for the Ukrainian armed forces.

During the war, Group35 has already supplied the Ukrainian army with instruments and various equipment worth several hundred thousand dollars... and the fundraising continues!

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Group 35 on social media

Follow Group 35 also on their social networks where you can find all the updates on the results achieved by their fundraising campaigns.

How to help the Ukrainian army with Group 35

On the Group 35 website you will find the button "Support” through which you can make your donation for the purchase of military equipment and medical supplies for the defenders of Ukraine directly engaged on the battle front. It is possible to donate either by credit card or by bank transfer, even from Italy.
In the same section you can find a form to fill out send your thank you message and solidarity with the Ukrainian military which will be delivered together with the delivery of material useful for the defense of their borders.