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Sashko Danylenko

Sashko Danylenko, design as a weapon for his native Ukraine

Sashko Danylenko is a Ukrainian illustrator and filmmaker living in the USA and since the beginning of the criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine has started a new project through his talents to spread Ukrainian culture and support his country collecting funds for different associations.

The online shop of Sashko Danylenko's works

Sashko Danylenko Superheroes among usHis new media project has materialized in shop online where his designs are represented on different items: T-shirts, caps and canvases, all with different subjects taken from the actuality of the war in progress. 30% of the proceeds will go to charity in favor of Razom for Ukraine and also to several other organizations directly linked to the subjects represented.
In fact, for the series of canvases entitled "The Superheroes Among Us” donations will be made to various charities based on the person represented. In fact, the series of canvases proposes the story of ordinary people who performed extraordinary deeds with uncommon courage.
We find for example the story of Nastya Tykha, “Woman with Dogs”, who together with her husband saved several disabled dogs of Irpin from certain death, in the face of ruthless Russian invaders. As Danylenko writes about the play, Nastya's heart is much bigger than the whole of Russia.
For each of these canvases (found in the online catalogue) $100 will be donated to the reference association of the subject being treated.

Another special collaboration with Dignitas Fund allowed the creation of the “Dignitas Drones” t-shirt series. For each T-shirt purchased from this series, $7 will go to the Dignitas Fund organization which raises funds to supply the Ukrainian army with drones. An important commitment, we know how important drones are in this war, an enormous potential for both attack and reconnaissance, to allow soldiers on the front to act in greater safety.

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Sashko Danylenko on social media

You can follow Sashko Danylenko on Instagram, to always keep up to date with his projects in support of Ukraine.

How to buy Sashko Danylenko's designs

On its online shop, you can choose your favorite item and pay directly by credit card. Shipments are also foreseen in Italy!